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Zigong Chuanmi mechanical Seal Co. LTDIt is located in Zigong, Sichuan, the hometown of dinosaurs and salt city for thousands of years. Founded in 2011, it is a technical enterprise engaged in the research, development, design, production and sales of mechanical seals. It is one of the backbone enterprises in the production of industrial fluid mechanical seals in China. Zigong Chuanmi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of energy saving equipment, environmental protection equipment, special special-shaped mechanical seals and sealing materials.

The products are mainly used for the production and sale of various types of pump, kettle, agitator and other mechanical seals. The standard type seals produced by the company meet DIN24960, ISO3069, GB6556 and other industry standards with strong universality. Form a complete set of sichuan, chongqing, Shanghai, zibo, dalian, shenyang, huangshan, wuhan, jiangsu, jiangxi and other places well-known brand water pump mechanical seal manufacturers, the main production series have CM1, CM1B, CM4, CM4B, CM8, CM8B, ZU1, ZB1, ZU2, ZB2, ZU3, ZB3, ZU4, ZB4, ZU5, ZB5, ZU6, ZB6, ZU39, ZB39, ZMW96, ZML95, ZUU6, ZUB6, M7N, H7N, M74D, H74D, 224. Seal of FGD desulfurization system applicable to shijiazhuang pump group (ZGJ, TLJ type seal), shijiazhuang industrial pump factory (DT, SGB type double end face seal), zibo hua cheng pump industry (TLD, YTBB type seal), shandong two-wheel group (SLJY, SLTX type seal), xiangyang 525 pump industry (HTM, HRM type seal), jiangsu fire pump industry (TL, JF type seal) and other large slurry, desulphurization pump manufacturers. The products can replace the KSB pump imported from Germany, WARMAN pump imported from Australia, Chemineer agitator imported from America, EKATO agitator imported from Germany, MUT agitator imported from Germany, SADIK agitator imported from Australia, SHARPE and other agitator imported from America.


Since its establishment, the company has continuously optimized and innovated its products, with the quality of substituting imported products and the price of domestic products, and each index is superior to that of the same industry. The company's products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and all over the country, deeply petroleum, chemical, electric power, steel mills, paper, cement, sewage treatment and other industries users praise.

The company has a group of skilled, high management level of the inter-disciplinary talent, management and strong technical force, has developed a variety of sealing products of reliable confidence and solid technical foundation, have continually development, research and manufacture of a new generation of series mechanical seal consciousness and ability, to meet the needs of the industry production and development. The company has advanced production equipment, complete inspection instruments and reliable product performance. All kinds of products are inspected and tested according to relevant standards.

The company always adhere to the careful selection of materials, ingenuity manufacturing, scientific management, sincere service as the direction, and strive to produce more and better products for all sectors of the industry, to provide more sincere service. The company is in line with"Attentively manufacture, with the sentiment service, with sincerity as this, long - term managementWe are willing to cooperate with old and new friends from all walks of life to create new splendor together.

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