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PWT50-32-200 PWT65-50-160 PWT80-50-200 PWT80-50-315 PWT100-65-200 PWT100-65-250 PWT100-65-315 PWT125-80-200 PWT125-100-200 PWT125-100-315 mechanical seal


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PWT50-32-200 PWT65-50-160 PWT80-50-200 PWT80-50-315 PWT100-65-200 PWT100-65-250 PWT100-65-315 PWT125-80-200 PWT125-100-200 PWT125-100-315 mechanical seal

Pin     brand: Chuan Mi seal Scope of application: chemical pumps, clean water pumps, sewage pumps, oil pumps Applicable industries: steelmaking, papermaking, chemical, electric power, cement industries, etc. Applicable host: Pentair water pump
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Mechanical seal for water pump
mechanical seal for chemical pump
mechanical seal
product description

Structural features:

1. Single end face, wave spring, compact structure. When in use, regardless of the spring rotation direction.

2. The auxiliary sealing ring can be nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber according to different conditions.

3. It complies with ISO3069, DIN24960 and GB6556 standards and has strong versatility.

Applicable medium:

Oil, water, acid, alkali, salt, etc.

Working parameters:

Fixed content: ≤10%

Temperature: ≤180℃

Pressure: ≤1.0MPa

Shaft diameter: ≤100mm

Material parameters:

Body material: 304, 316L or 2205, 2507, 1.4529

Seal ring material: graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide

main application:

This type of mechanical seal is mainly used for various water pumps and chemical pumps.

Common models:

PWT 50-32-125S PWT 50-32-160S PWT 50-32-200S PWT 50-32-250S,

PWT 65-50-125S PWT 65-50-160S PWT 65-40-200S PWT 65-40-250S

PWT 65-40-315S PWT 80-65-125S PWT 80-65-160S PWT 80-50-315S

PWT 100-80-125S PWT100-80-160S PWT100-65-200S PWT100-65-250S

PWT125-80-200S PWT125-100-200S PWT125-80-250S PWT125-100-250S

PWT125-80-315S PWT125-100-315S PWT125-80-400S PWT125-100-400S

PWT150-125-200S PWT150-125-250S PWT150-125-315S PWT150-125-400S

PWT200-150-315S PWT200-150-400S PWT200-150-500S PWT250-200-315S

PWT250-200-400S PWT250-200-500S PWT300-250-315S PWT300-250-400S

PWT300-250-500S PWT350-300-315S PWT350-300-400S PWT350-300-500S

Note: Because the pump has many uses, the sealing material (friction pair) is also different to ensure the reliability of the seal.

The manufacturer recommends as follows:

1. Clean water (working condition without particulate matter)-use of moving ring friction pair (alloy), static ring friction pair (graphite)

2. Strong corrosion (conditions containing particulate matter)-selection of moving ring friction pair (silicon carbide), static ring friction pair selection (silicon carbide)

3. Working conditions that contain particles and have large vibrations-use of moving ring friction pair (alloy), static ring friction pair (alloy)

4. It can also be customized according to customer requirements. If there is no requirement, the default is (clear water)

Installation and use requirements:

1. The radial runout of the shaft of the equipment should not be greater than 0.04 mm, and the axial runout is not allowed to be greater than 0.1 mm;

2. The sealing cavity of the equipment should be kept clean during installation, the sealing parts should be cleaned, and the sealing end face should be intact to prevent impurities and dust from being brought into the sealing part;

3. It is strictly forbidden to knock or knock during the installation process, so as not to damage the mechanical seal due to friction and seal failure;

4. During installation, a layer of clean mechanical oil should be applied to the surface in contact with the seal for smooth installation;

5. When installing the static ring gland, the tightening screws must be evenly stressed to ensure that the end face of the static ring is perpendicular to the axis line;

6. Push the moving ring by hand after installation, which can make the moving ring move flexibly on the shaft and have certain flexibility;

7. Rotate the shaft by hand after installation, and the shaft should not feel light or heavy;

8. The equipment must be filled with medium before operation to prevent dry friction and seal failure;

Operating parameters:
Line speed:
Suitable medium:
Oil, water, acid, alkali, salt, etc.
product features:
Sealing surface:
Graphite, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide
Auxiliary seal:
Nitrile, ethylene propylene, fluorine rubber, silicone, etc.
Metal components:
Structural features:
Single end face, wave spring, compact structure.
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